What I Used to Straighten My Natural Hair…

It’s not uncommon for us naturals to be a little hesitant to straighten our beautiful curls. I mean, our biggest and common fear with using heat on our hair is getting HEAT DAMAGE. If you’ve ever experienced heat damage then you know that it sucks.


That last time I straightened my hair was in February of 2015, so almost two years ago. I had just did my big chop in November of 2014 and I was anxious to see what length I had gotten since then because I knew my hair had grew a lot. I was stationed in Montana at the time & i’ma just be honest, there wasn’t a lot of black people in this state so finding someone to do my hair was a huge struggle. So, after googling for months, I found a place to get my hair braided. That’s when I decided to have her straighten my hair & give me a trim. HUGE MISTAKE!! I wasn’t a huge fan of how she braided hair, so I should have known better. Not only did she use no heat protectant to straighten my hair, she trimmed my hair in layers & I did not asked for that. I was so upset. The moment I heard the sizzle on my hair from the flat iron, I knew I f***ed up lol. I had so much heat damage smh. From that point I told myself i’d never let another person straighten my hair, unless I knew they knew what they were doing. Since then i’ve officially gotten rid of my damaged ends & continued my healthy hair journey.

Anyway…I hadn’t straightened my hair since then & I finally decided to go ahead & do it. I did it myself this time lol.

So the products I used were actually from The Mane Choice. I must say I was thoroughly impressed & they worked amazingly. 

I washed my hair using The Mane Choice’s “Give It To Me Straight” line.

The “Give It To Me Straight” Silk & Shine Shampoo, Conditioner & Leave-in Conditioner
This line was made for the person who plans on straightening theor hair. It has a lot of ingredients to help protect your hair from heat.

I used The Mane Choice’s “Thermal Defense” line to blow dry & straighten my hair.

Botanical Hear Silencer, Blossom Silkening Serum & The Natural Shine Polishing Mist
Before I blow dried I would spray the section with the heat silencer. When it says this product will decrease the blow drying time, it was not lying lol. It took me NO time to blow dry each section. I appreciated this because that decreased the amount of time heat was on your hair.

Before flat ironing, I used the silkening serum. I used this how how you would use any other heat protectant. Dime size amount to the section & then flat ironed. To flat iron my hair I used The Mane Choice’s flat iron.

This flat iron was way more high tech than I expected lol. I knew it came with the built in “comb” & the digital screen. But it shocked the hell out of me when it started talking to me lol. It was so extra, but I only did two passes with the flat iron on each section.

After flat ironing my hair I used the polishing serum to add some shine to my hair. 

A comparison from “Feb 2015” & currently “Nov 2016”

Now when I flat ironed my hair I wasn’t looking for super bone straight hair because 90% of the time my hair is in a ponytail due to being in the military. So as you can see there was some frizz & i’m also overdue for trim lol.

As most, when it comes to wash day after straightening your hair, you get super nervous, hoping your curls will come back lol. Initially when you start adding water to your hair you get a little nervous because it takes a while for your hair to actually curl back up. But nonetheless my curls came back with no issues & shrinkage being as real as it’s always been.

Before deep conditioning

Hope this helped anyone who is looking for products to use to straighten their natural hair.

To get these products you can visit The Mane Choice website to purchase them.

-Tiffany πŸ’œ


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