Natural Hair Rules I DON’T Follow…

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So, this blog was actually inspired by YouTuber Hazel Goddess. I love her videos. I decided that this would make an interesting post because the moment you decide to go natural, you feel like you have to follow all these rules because it’s something that another natural is doing or because it’s what you read in a post. I did it and i’m sure i’m not the only one. When you begin your natural hair journey, YouTube and Google become your best friend. You see all these things that work for other naturalistas and believe that you have to do the exact same thing to achieve the results that they achieve. Eventually you realize that EVERYONE’S hair different regardless of hair type and texture. You may have 4C hair and see something work for another person with 4C hair and eventually realize that it just doesn’t work for you the way it worked for them. What works for one person may not work for you and that’s something I had to realize throughout my journey.

  1. Co-Washing: Look, I know A LOT of naturals who swear by co-washing. I can not do it lol. Co-washing just does not work for me. I feel like i’m just giving myself more product buildup. I also feel like it does’t clean my scalp the way it does for others. It’s something I tried in the beginning of my journey and realized it just wasn’t for me.
  2. Shampooing once a month: I know a lot of naturals who say they only clarify or shampoo in general only once a month. I cannot go a month with out washing my hair. I typically wash my hair once a week. Sometimes i’ll go 2 weeks if i’m lazy lol. My scalp can’t handle going any longer than that.
  3. Deep Conditioning: I deep condition my hair almost every time I wash my hair. Some naturals say they only deep condition once a month or twice a month. i just prefer to do it that frequent.
  4. Ingredients: I don’t have the time to read ingredients on every product I purchase lol. I’m not knocking anyone who does it because that takes some real dedication. I do, do some DIY because every now and then it’s nice to mix up something using things that are completely natural, but for the most part I am not an ingredient nazi lol. I use what works for my hair, if it works, then i’m using it.
  5. Moisturizing Daily: I don’t moisturize my hair daily. I probably should, but i’m just too lazy for that lol. Some moisturize everyday or every few days. It’s very rare that i’ll re-moisturize between washes, but if I do it’s because I feel my hair is really dry and needs it. Otherwise, I just wait until my next wash day.
  6. Daily Scalp Massages: I don’t massage my scalp daily. I massage my scalp on wash day and that’s about it.
  7. Pineapple Method: I don’t pineapple. I just retwist my hair every night. I feel like my curls get ruined from the pineapple method. Maybe it’s because my hair isn’t long enough, but I never been a fan of it. At most I may do mini ponytails at night, but the pineapple method just does not work for me.
  8. Washing hair in sections: I don’t wash my hair in sections, takes way to long for me lol. I did in the beginning, but I no longer do it. Instead, I shampoo my entire head at once and when I get ready to deep condition I sections my hair and detangle with the deep conditioner and two strand twist it. I basically section/twist my hair the way i’m going to style it. Two strand twist outs are my go-to, so this just makes the process a lot quicker and easier for me.
  9. ACV Washes: I tried this, didn’t work. I have dry, itchy scalp and this didn’t help at all. It’s supposed to clarify, but that just didn’t happen in my case.
  10. Gels (for styling): I don’t use many gels on my styles, at the most I use gels for my edges or if i’m doing like a high puff, the help sleek done my hair. But I don’t use many gels for styling purposes.

What are some natural hair rules, that you don’t follow? Comment below!




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