Hair Typing, Trimming & Hair Porosity

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So I decided to make a post about hair typing, trimming and hair porosity. I decided to make this all into one post because I recently trimmed my hair and I also checked my hair’s porosity for the first time. So why not talk about it all together? Lol

So first we’re going to talk about hair typing.

I’ve never been a huge hair typer because let’s be honest, almost every natural seems to have like more than one hair type in their hair. BUT, if you were to ask me what my hair type is, honestly, my answer would just be Type 4. The reason why I say type 4 instead of 4A, B or C is because I personally feel like I have a mixture. I feel like the middle of my hair (the kinkier and more thicker part of my hair) is 4B and I feel the rest is 4A.

If you would like to take a quiz to see what your hair type MAY BE, click here. There is also more information on every hair type on this site as well.

With that being said, I personally feel hair typing isn’t what’s important or at least being super specific with it isn’t. If you know you have a kinkier texture hair, then you know what you have to do for your specific hair and vice versa if you have a looser curl pattern. PLUS, I think some people hair type wrong anyway. There’s people who believe they have 3C hair when they really have some type 4 hair. I’ve even seen people with like a 3B or C pattern and say they have type 4 hair (no shade, just some things i’ve noticed). And even with knowing your hair type, everyone’s hair is different. Just because you and one other person’s hair is the same type, that doesn’t mean you’re able to do the same things that, that person does to their hair.

This is where hair porosity comes in to play. This what I am personally starting to realize is important. I honestly have never tested my hair’s porosity until this week. I’ve learned that I have low porosity hair. Now, i’ve always felt like i’ve had low porosity hair, just based of how long it takes my hair to take in water when I prepare to shampoo my hair.

So what’s the difference between high and low porosity?

High Porosity Hair – has gaps and holes in the cuticle, which let too much moisture into your hair and leave it prone to frizz and tangling in humid weather. It can also lose moisture as easy and it can get moisture. LOC method is extremely important when you have highly porous hair. Most people with highly porous hair usually has it because of a result of damage (i.e hair coloring, heat). It is advised to use heavier butters with HP hair.

Low Porosity Hair – has a tightly bound cuticle layer with overlapping scales that lay flat. Most of the time lowly porous hair is consider healthy hair. Low porosity hair repels moisture and is also prone to product build-up. It is advised to use lighter based moisturizes, butters, and creams with LP hair to avoid build-up, but also get the moisture your hair needs.

Medium Porosity Hair – You’re lucky. You hair doesn’t need much maintenance at all. Lol, just keep in mind that certain things can damage your hair and increase it’s porosity.

One of the most common ways to test hair porosity is the sink or float test. You take a glass, fill it with water and then take one of your hair strands and put it in the cup. Make sure your hair is clean by the way. If your hair sinks, you have high porosity hair. If your hair floats, you have low porosity hair. If it floats in the middle of the cup, you have medium porosity or normal porosity hair.

I feel like knowing you hair porosity is the KEY to knowing how to take care of your hair. Also, knowing what your hair like and doesn’t like and trimming when needed.

As I mentioned earlier, I recently trimmed my hair. I finger deranged like 80% of the time. I started to noticed how hard it was becoming to detangle my hair and I also started noticing how bad I was getting single strand knots. Those split ends were only effecting the rest of my hair. I’m not gonna lie, I can be a lazy natural, but I HAD to get rid of those split ends. They weren’t doing my hair any good. HEALTH is better than LENGTH. Plus it’s hair, it’ll grow back.

I ended up cutting this much of my hair.

I wouldn’t call it a crazy chop or anything, just needed to get rid of the damaged ends. I felt so much better after cutting them. So chop those ends when it’s NEEDED, don’t become scissor happy though lol.

“HEALTH is better than LENGTH!”

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