Natural Hair Tip #4: Trimming

Ok, so I know when you first go natural, the moment you start seeing growth you refuse to let a pair of scissors near your hair lol. I’m sure almost every natural is guilty of it, I know I was lol. Well, sometimes we have to realize when those damaged ends need to go so our hair can continue to thrive and we can retain length.

When you notice things like damaged ends, split ends, to many frequent single strand knots (fairy knots), or heat damage you need to let those ends go girl! lol

Now, speaking on heat damage, if you have an excessive amount heat damage I can understand slowly getting rid of the damage because it’s basically transitioning. But we can’t let those split ends take over our hair. The longer you let your split ends sit, the easier it is for it to travel up the hair shaft and damage the rest of your hair.

Now, with that being said, this doesn’t mean get scissor happy lol. Like I mentioned earlier, when we notice that our hairs is in need of a trim, then we should probably trim it.

I know people who trim on a schedule (every 4 months, every 6 months, 1 time a year). Personally, this isn’t something I go by. As that may work for some naturals, I do feel that this could also hurt you more that help when it comes to retaining length.

If I trim my hair in January and 6 months go by and I don’t need another trim, then why trim it? At that point you’re just getting rid of your length. This is why some naturals never really see much growth, because they are trimming their ends too frequently. Like I said, that method may work for some because I know some people get split end more frequent than others. But my suggestion is to ONLY TRIM WHEN YOU NEED TO.

If you go a year without needing to trim your hair, that just means you are doing a good job at taking care of your hair and ensuring that it stays healthy. So, don’t get scissor happy because “6 months have gone by & it’s time for a trim”.

I’m no natural expert, i’m just speaking from things i’ve witnessed, experienced & learned  from. These are just my personal experiences.

Check out my blog on Hair Typing, Trimming & Hair Porosity for more info on trimming your hair.

Hope you guys enjoyed, stay tuned for more tips! =)

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