My Natural Hair Experience

Hey guys!

So today I wanted to make a post about my natural hair experience. Not necessarily my journey, but my experience. I plan on making another post on my journey later on.

Now when I say experience, I mean dealing with people and their negative thoughts or opinions.

Growing up I always had relaxed hair. I say this because I don’t ever remember not having relaxed hair lol. Growing up, this was like the thing to do. Everyone was getting perms/relaxers. It was so popular that it was almost expected to have a relaxer. If you didn’t have one, people would make fun of your hair and call it nappy etc. Like, if your hair wasn’t straight people would look at you like “when you gone do that nappy hair of your’s??” lol.

I officially stopped getting relaxers back in 2013, I was 21. Now, I didn’t stop for the sake of wanting to go natural lol, I just stopped because I felt like my hair was thinning and it would be the best thing to do, but I was still using heat, straightening my hair, I was getting sew-ins and constantly putting heat on my leave out, so my hair still looked as though I was still getting a relaxer. So nobody had anything to say.

When I finally decided to go through my natural experience back in 2014 it was a struggle. I had no idea what to do. When I finally learned about things like braid outs and twist outs. I started doing them. At the time I was dating this guy and I would always try to get his opinion on my hair and ask him how he liked it (I was still transitioning), he always gave me these shorthanded answers. It honestly made me feel some kind of way about wanting to go natural, I almost decided to just start relaxing my hair again. But I didn’t. Time went on and eventually me and him broke up and that’s when I found out how he really felt about my hair. He was on social media saying how my hair looked a hot mess and was always nappy etc, etc. It made me feel some kind of way, but I decided to stay strong and ignore his negative comments.

Eventually, a friend of mine reached out to me (now my husband) and we started to communicate a lot more than just on social media. He actually made me feel really confident about my hair. He loved natural hair, so he supported my journey. This honestly made me a lot more dedicated to my journey and part of the reason why i’m so into natural hair now.

At this point I had done my big chop and I was thoroughly embracing my natural hair. I was loving it. But of course, you’re still gonna deal with negative people. I always post pics of my hair on my social media and majority of the time it’s in its natural state. My grandfather follows me on social media and he would always comment on my pics asking when I was going to do my hair blah, blah and then my step dad would reply to his comment laughing. There were times when I would talk to my mom on the phone and my step dad would ask in the background “what’s up with your hair?”, “When are you going to do your hair?” At this point, I realized how ignorant people can be.

People are so used to women changing there hair instead of embracing their natural hair that they would be quick to criticize someone for loving the hair they were born with and embracing it. Although it was annoying that I was getting criticized by some of the people I  would not expect it from, it felt good to see all the support and compliments I would get on social media from people I barely even knew, not to mention my husband’s love for my hair. & that is what made me want to start blogging about my natural hair journey.

I wrote this to basically say, no matter what people say about your hair, as long as YOU love it, that’s all that matters. Not everyone is going to appreciate your hair because they are so used to the relaxer trends. It’s expected to have straight hair not kinky curly natural hair. Once you learn to love your hair, nothing anyone says can bother you or make you change your mind about the decision you made about your hair.

Natural hair is beautiful and so are you, so embrace it!

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