FASHION HAUL!! | Fashion Nova/Adidas

So I recently purchased some things from Fashion Nova & I wanted to share it with you guys! One things you guys may not know about me is that not only am I into hair, but I love fashions, I love shoes. Now, i’m not as big of a shoe lover as my husband is (if you seen his collection, you’d understand lol),  but I do love shoes.

Top: I really love this top. This is the first bodysuit that i’ve ever owned and I think it’s really cute. I like how it sits off my shoulders and I love how the front is identical to the back. The color is really pretty as well.

Bottom: These pants have so much stretch. I was initially worried about them not fitting, but they were the perfect fit & super comfortable. I felt like they went perfect with the top so i’ll probably end up pairing them together.

Top: I really liked this top & thought it would be the perfect everyday top.

Top: I really like this sweater. It was different. I loved the openings at the shoulders. Perfect everyday top.

Top: It was simple, lightweight sweater. It was this pretty lavender color. It fits perfectly.

Top: Now this top. I did not like this top. It looked nice from the front, but I didn’t like the back and it didn’t look cute to me. At least not on me (lol). Also, It ripped so easily (pictured above). I noticed them as soon as I got ready to put it on. So, even thought I didn’t like the way the top looked on me, it was a disappointment being those rips and I hadn’t even tried it on yet.

Top: I really like this outfit as a whole. Again, it’s simple and the perfect everyday outfit.

Bottom: I could have gotten the pants in a smaller size, but they still fit good.

Shoes: I had been eyeing these shoes in Footlocker for 2 weeks and finally bit the bullet and decided to buy them. They are very comfortable and they literally feel like a sock. They are super lightweight and I love them. I have them in a lavender color that they had in Footlocker. The link, links you to the White and Red color on their site. If you want the purple color, you might be able to find it in your local Footlocker or on their website.

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  1. You purchased some great items…nice job!💖

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    1. Awe! Thank you! Maybe i’ll do another fashion haul, it’s something different lol.

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      1. Right! That’s a great idea. 😉

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  2. Nice picks! Fashion Nova has so many different styles it is great! I love their casual yet trendy pieces because who doesn’t like being cozy and looking cute right! =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol right? Thank you!💜

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  3. That body suit with those jeans look great on you 🙂

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