Natural Hair Tip #5: Create A Routine

I’m back with another natural hair tip and today’s tip will be “CREATE A ROUTINE”.

One of the things I struggled with in the beginning of my journey is sticking to a routine and continuing to follow it. When I had relaxed hair, I never had a set routine. I’d just wash my hair when I had time or when I felt I needed it. Because my hair was straight my scalp was able to breathe more so I didn’t have to wash my hair as much. When I went natural, I was treating my hair as if it was relaxed. My scalp would become flaky and I would just continue to delay when I would wash my hair because I never had to wash my hair on a weekly basis.

Now that I have a set routine, my hair has been thriving so much more and it loves me for it lol.

My routine is pretty simple. It’s actually pretty new as well since I decided to add co-washing to my routine not too long ago.

My routine is as follows:

  • I shampoo every two weeks and co-wash every two weeks. So basically one week i’ll shampoo and the next week i’ll co-wash. If I feel my hair needs a little more attention that a co-wash can’t handle, then i’ll shampoo instead.
  • I pre-poo on shampoo days
  • I deep condition every week
  • I condition after shampooing before deep conditioning
  • I do protein treatments when I feel my hair needs it
  • My wash days are typically on Monday’s or Tuesday’s, depending on how my work schedule flows.

My wash day routine is as follows:

On Shampoo Days I,

  • Pre-Poo
  • Shampoo
  • Condition
  • Deep Condition
  • Style (LCO Method)

On Co-Wash Days I,

  • Co-Wash
  • Deep Condition
  • Style (LCO Method)

I also put JBCO on my scalp and I do that throughout the week when I feel my hair is getting dry and I need to re-moisturize.

Everybody’s hair is different. You may not need to wash your hair as much as I do, but that’s when you have to decide what works best for your hair. You may only need to shampoo once a month instead of every two weeks. It all depends on your hair.

I think it is important to have a routine because when you stay consistent doing the things that your hair likes, it’ll thrive a lot more and continue to be healthy. Nobody is perfect, so there will be time when wash day comes up and you just aren’t feeling it. Sometimes, those can be the worst days to do your hair because when you don’t feel like dealing with your hair you tend to rush and be a little rough on your hair, than when you are in the mood to actually do your hair. So if you need to skip a day and do it the next day, it’s ok girl lol, we all do it.

Hope you guys enjoyed, stay tuned for more tips! =)

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