March 2017 | Monthly Wrap Up


Hey guys!

So we’re wrapping up yet another month. This past month was a little slow for me. I didn’t bring as much content as I would have liked, but i’m hoping to get a little better with that during the month of April. If you guys are subscribed to my YouTube channel, then you’ve probably realized that I have been utilizing my new recording space and I have definitely been enjoying having that space. i’m still in the works of getting the room together, but it is slowly coming along.

Let’s reflect on the posts from this month: 

  1. February CurlMix “Oat & Honey Body Scrub”
  2. My Very First Product Empties Video
    • I decided to start doing videos like this because it’s easier for me to get out those product reviews that I don’t make individual videos for.
  3. Versatile Blogger Award
    • I received my second blogger award and I was truly grateful and appreciative for being selected for this!
  4. Unboxing | CurlKit “5 Year Anniversary Box”, curlBOX Body “Love Your Body” & NeoTress March Box (Video)
    • I found myself getting stacked on subscription boxes (lol) and instead of doing separate videos for each, I felt it wouldn’t hurt if I put them all in one video. So, I hope that this video wasn’t too long for you guys.
  5. Vlog #1 | My First Blog
    • I did my first vlog this month. I figured it would be a simple way of somewhat allowing you guys to get to know me and to also give you a little peek into my life a little bit.
  6. I Have a Depop Shop!
    • Yes, I am selling items now! So if you haven’t checked out my depot shop, check out my post and click the link to see what I have for sale!!
  7. Unboxing | March curlBOX “The Everyday Getaway”
  8. Insta Hair Crush Of The Week | Naturallyy Tiffanyy
    • I was featured on Lush Fro’s blog and the Insta Hair Crush of the week. Something else I was honored to have happen!!
  9. Wig Review | Bobbi Boss Lace Front Wig & Freetress Equal Lace Front Wig


I’ve gotten up to a total of 56 Subscribers on my blog (didn’t reach my goal this month =( )! & I’ve gotten up to a total of 44 Subscribers on my YouTube Channel (14 more than my intended goal) & 429 followers on my Instagram dedicated to my natural hair journey (129 more than my intended goal)! So I just want to say thanks for all the support & if you aren’t following me on IG or subscribed to my YouTube, click on the links and check them out. If you like what see go ahead and subscribe/follow! =)

Goals For April:

Get to 60 followers on my blog will remain my goal since I didn’t reach that goal for March, 50 subscribers on my YouTube Channel & 500 followers on Instagram. Do my usual monthly blogs. I didn’t get to share my natural hair journey, so I will try to get that video filmed and uploaded this month. Continuing to bring you guys some awesome content.

If you guys have any ideas on something that you would like to see on my page or of something you would like to see more of, just let me know in the comment section. If you have any feedback, let me know! I am very open to suggestions and feedback, so let me know!

Don’t forget to follow me on my Social Media Handles! (⇓linked below⇓) =)

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Thanks for reading!



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