Where Have I Been? Changes? Upcoming Blogs?


So I know you guys are probably going to see this post and instantly think “when did I follow this blog?”.

Well, i’ve recently done some changes to my blog and I wanted to come back bigger and better! I know I have been MIA and the only time I really post a blog is when I create a YouTube video (which I have also been slacking on). I want to put more effort into my blog and I figured the best way to do this is to give my blog a change. I don’t want to stick my blog to just being about hair because that isn’t my only passion. I want to be able to share my entire lifestyle with you guys (fitness, beauty and hair).

So i’m not going to make you guys wait any longer for this intro….


Where have I been?

Well, as many of you may know (or may not know) I am active duty Air Force. With that being sad, I recently started back taking college courses back in May and I have been really dedicated in trying to get back into the flow of it because I did take a really long break from it. Between working a full time job and then also taking college courses, you can see how my life can get pretty busy. I’ve noticed that I find myself not having time to edit videos and get them up in a consistent manor. However, I believe that posting on my blog is a lot easier. Which is why I am going to dedicate more time into my blog and bring you guys the content I want to put into videos and just put them in my blog instead. Now this doesn’t mean that I am giving up on YouTube, I will just be posting on here a lot more often than on YouTube.

Upcoming Blogs?

So I want to continue bringing you guys natural hair content of course, but I also want to bring you guys content about things that I am doing within my lifestyle. Some more reviews, beauty, fitness! You guys can expect all kinds of things lol. But the hair content will still coming to you guys in full effect! Don’t worry!

Well, I just wanted to give you guys an update and let you know that I am not going anywhere!

Love you guys! See you in my next post!




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