July ’17 CurlMix “Avocado Flambe Moisturizer”

Hey guys! So, i’m not going to talk too much, i’m just going to get straight to the mixing of the product!


Ingredients (Also Pictured Below):

  1. Behentrimonium
  2. Guar Gum
  3. Avocado Oil & Fragrance
  4. Avocado Butter
  5. Glycerin



Step 1: Boil 8 oz of distilled water and then add Behentrimonium once it begins boiling.

Step 2: Once it has dissolved, sprinkle Guar Gum into the pot. Use a thick to stir to minimize the lumps.

Step 3: Next, warm a small pot of water on low heat. Pour Avocado Oil & Fragrance and Avocado Butter into a jar and place the jar into the pot (create a double boiler). Let butter melt down. Once melted, set aside.

Step 4: Add oil and butter mixture to the BHM, water, and guar gum mixture. Stir Well.

Step 5: Add Glycerin once the mixture has cooled.

Step 6: Finally, add 4 oz of distilled water and stir with a whisk.


Step 7: If you have the CurlMix’s preservative, you would add it at this point. If not, store product in the fridge.

Once you’re done mixing you will notice that the product may feel a little to watery for a moisturizer, but it thickens up overnight. You may actually notice it thicken a little before you add it in the applicator bottle.

To see a video of this being made you can check out CurlMix’s YouTube video here. They also tell you the benefits of the ingredients in this product.

Hope you enjoyed this post! See you in my next one!



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