Fearless Mag Fall 2017 Unboxing

Hey guys!

I am super excited about this box! I have literally been waiting for this box for the past month! I already knew what was going to be in it before I got the box which is why I was so excited about it before it was even shipped lol.

Before I get into the unboxing, let me tell you a little bit about the box. If you have ever heard of the Fun, Fly & Fabulous box, this is the newer version of that box! And if you have ever purchased one, then you know just how bomb the box was! Well, they have recently changed the box to “Fearless”. Instead of it being a monthly subscription box, it is a seasonal subscription box (Ships every 3 months). Yes it is a little more money, but it is definitely worth it girl! This box is $59 +free shipping every quarter. Why do I say it’s worth it, well, this box you ladies are going to see today is worth $165. Let’s dive straight into the box!


  1. Hot Pink Satin Robe Retail Value $35 – I was excited about this because I have been looking for a nice rob for the longest, but haven’t found one that I really liked or felt was worth the price that was being asked. This one is simple, nice and it’s satin lol.
  2. Rose Gold Buckle Bracelet Retail Value $25 – This bracelet is really cute and it is also a simple design. It’s in a design of like a belt and it is rose gold kind of color. I have a hard time finding and picking out jewelry. So I feel this is a good start to a future collection.
  3. Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Hair products Retail Value $52 – Now this right here! Lol, i’ve been wanting to get my hands on this line since it came out. I was going to purchase it from Sally’s, but when I found out it was going to be in this box, I decided to wait. I initially thought that I was only going to get 3 of the 4, but I am overly excited that I received the entire line! (Stay tuned for my review!)
  4. Fearless Satin Sleep Mask Retail Value $10 – Now, i’ve never been a sleep mask kind of girl, but I may try it out to see what it’s like.
  5. Wall Art retailed Retail Value $10 – “Rise & Shine”. It’s a cute little piece to go into an office or something.
  6. Lipgloss Retail Value $17 – This lip gloss smells so good. It has a minty scent and it also gives you that cool, mint feeling when you apply it. It’s a thick lipgloss & I absolutely love it!
  7. Velvet Turban Retail Value $16 – I wear turbans every now and then. The one’s that still show some of my hair. This is a full turban, and it’s in a pretty velvet pink color. Excited to match it with something!

That is the box guys! Too some it may not seem too significant, but for me this box is amazing. This is probably the most I have gotten in a subscription box, next to Curlbox! I can’t wait to see what the Winter box will be like! What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!



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One Comment Add yours

  1. The robe looks so comfortable and the the rise and shine wall art is a nice addition to the box. I hope the mielle products work out for you.


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