PRODUCT REVIEW! : Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Collection, Part 1

Hey guys!

So today I will be coming to you with my review of TWO of the products from the Pomegranate & Honey line. The two products will be Leave-In Conditioner & the Twisting Souffle. I used both of these products to do a braid out. I don’t normally do braid outs, but I decided to try something different. Typically, my go to style is a twist out, it’s quick and easy and I like my results a lot better. I did my hair on a Sunday and I kept the braids for my braid out in until Thursday. When I took the braids down my hair felt so soft and fluffy and it was still very moisturized. I achieved amazing definition from these products as well.

After the take down
After I separated and fluffed

The Leave-In conditioner was very light. It gave me enough slip to detangle and prepare myself for the next product. My only negative is although it gave me some slip and I was still able to detangle, I wish there was more slip. I’m not sure if i’d receive the same results if I applied it to dry hair and needed slip. Also, this entire line smells amazing by the way (lol). I’ll insert a clip of how the product looked so you can kind of get a fill for what it’s like. (I had to improvise so don’t judge me lol)

The cream was thick and creamy. It was very moisturizing as well.

My second day hair looked pretty good too. It was still moisturized and soft. I also switched my part to a middle part as well. Middle parts seem to work better for me with the length that I am at.

Day 2 of my twist out

Overall, I would give these products a 9/10. Mostly because of the slip from the leave-in. I will be reviewing the other two products as well. More than likely I will be using those to try to achieve a wash and go. I have so many products that  want to use to try a wash and go on, I just try not to do them often because it causes my hair to tangle a lot more than usual (gotta love Type 4 Kinky hair lol).

Have you tried these products? What did you think about them?

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Until next time, see you in my next post!


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