Quick Length Check Update

Just wanted to come on here and give you guys a quick update only my length. My hair has come a long way. It could honestly be longer, but throughout my journey of learning how to take care of my hair, having healthy ends has always been my struggle. I can finally say, that I feel like my ends are really healthy, especially after my trim lol. SHOUT OUT TO BEGIN 4 YEARS NATURAL!


Caption from IG: “My hair growth in the past 3 years. Feb 2015 was the first time I had straightened my hair since I big chopped. My hair didn’t even come close to my shoulders. Nov 2016 I started to see growth, but if you can notice in the pic, my ends were extremely split so of course those had to go. My hair was touching my shoulders at this point (after the trim). This year my hair has now passed my shoulders/collar bone. My ends look so much better (of course I still gave myself a trim) & my hair just feels so much healthier. I wonder where my hair will be Nov 2018 lol.”


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  1. Congratulations on growth!

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