Wash & Go Fail?! =(

So this is going to be a quick blog. I wanted to share my wash and go fail with you guys.

Previously I told you that I was going to be reviewing the Mielle Organics Curl Smoothie AND Curling Custard. I made a mistake lol. My wash & go failed because I layered on TOO MUCH product *sigh*. I should have known better right?

Usually when I do my wash & go’s I do a leave-in and then a gel. This time I decided to try something different. I used the Leave-In, Curl Smoothie AND Curling Custard. See, my hair is on the thin side, not extremely thin, but thinner than most and I have low porosity hair. I did my wash & go on soak and wet hair and then layered on hella product, yes HELLA! Lol.

After blow drying and letting the rest of my hair dry over night, I woke up with flakes. I had so many flakes in my hair that you’d probably think that it was snowing outside after seeing my shirt. I knew it wasn’t because of the products not mixing well together. It was definitely because of applying too much product. I was expecting it to soak into my low porosity hair, but my hair wasn’t having it. I will say this though, My curls were POPPING and my hair felt amazingly soft. So I knew for a fact that my hair loved these products.

I will be attempting my wash & go for a second time, but that time i’ll be leaving the curl smoothie out of the equation lol. I’ll leave some pictures below so you can see my failure lol. (scroll over pictures to see captions)

Any wash & go tips? Spill them in the comment section!



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