I wanted to share with you guys the things I bought on Black Friday. Hope you guys enjoyed some amazing deals as well!


So, I took advantage of the tote deal and went ahead a purchased it. It came with some pretty amazing items.


  1. The tote of course! Haha.
  2. Aromatherapy Recharge Moisturizing Body Cream: This smells really good.
  3. Aromatherapy Recharge Body Wash & Foam Bath
  4. Winter Candy Apple Body Lotion: It was a small sample and I love the way it smells. Just in time for the winter months and holidays.
  5. Heart of Gold Berry Sweet Hand Cream: This also smells really amazing
  6. Winter Candy Apple Hand Sanitizer
  7. Champagne Toast Scented Candle: I wasn’t expecting a candle, especially not of this size. I love candles and this smells so amazing! Can’t wait to use it.


I’ve been wanting to get my hand on these product for a while. She actually has a styling cream now that I would of purchased, but it was out of stock. Definitely on my list of things to try though.


  1. Indulge Deep Conditioner: I just want to talk about how good this smells. It smells so yummy, like a jolly rancher!
  2. Lavish Leave-In Conditioner: This also has a really sweet amazing smell.


Now, on a normal day, I probably wouldn’t have purchased this because I don’t think it’s worth the price, but it was a limited item. Since she had the items on sale for Black Friday I decided to give in lol. The packaging was really amazing. This was basically a workout towel and water bottle set.


I love The Body Shop! I’m always taking advantage of their deals.


  1. 2 Frosted Berry Shower Gels
  2. Frosted Berry Body Butter
  3. Shea Shower Cream
  4. Shea Body Scrub
  5. Shea Whipped Lotion
  6. Shea Body Butter


Now she dropped some major items for us over the Black Friday weekend. One Item I was waiting on specifically was those gummy vitamins. I hate swallowing pills and when I heard she was going to be releasing I was ecstatic. When she dropped them, I instantly purchased me 3 bottles. I mean, you couldn’t beat the deal she was offering lol.


I also purchase like 3 items from her skin care line that she dropped that weekend as well. I haven’t received those items yet, but I can’t wait.

That was my quick Black Friday haul! What did you guys buy on Black Friday?!



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  1. MindiMech says:

    Great ! I love bath and body works!

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