Form Beauty Review

So, i’m back with another review! Form was having a $5 mini sale going on, so I decided to take advantage of that deal.  I wasn’t sure if i’d like their products so I figured this was the best way to go. The mini’s are basically like samples. But they can go another wash day for me.

Before I purchased, I took their survey. This survey basically asks you a bunch of questions about your hair and then it suggests products for you based off of how you answered those questions. I decided to purchase all the products it suggested (the mini’s of course) and now i’m going to give you my thoughts on them! As I talk about the products, you can see them in the same order in the picture below and I will also link them to the site if you are interested.


  1. Form Beauty Clarify Shampoo: This came in a 1 oz. bottle. I shampooed my hair with this once & I have enough for 1 or two more wash days, depending on how I use it. It does a great job at clarifying your hair. This product definitely strips your hair of everything after only one wash. This was definitely what I needed after my failed wash & go. I definitely recommend this if you are looking for a good clarifying shampoo.
  2. Form Beauty Cleanse Shampoo: This came in a 2 fl oz. bottle. Yes, I used this in the same wash day as the Clarify Shampoo & I still have enough for at least 2 more wash days. During my wash days, I typically shampoo twice so I decided to try both within the same wash day. Even though the Clarify shampoo stripped my hair of everything. The Cleanse Shampoo seemed to not only clean my hair, but add some moisture which was surprising to me. My hair felt really good after using this shampoo & I would also recommend this as well.
  3. Form Beauty Revive Conditioner: This came in a 2 fl oz. bottle as well & I have enough left for one more wash day. This conditioner was really moisturizing. The only problem I had was the lack of slip. I wasn’t able to finger detangle with this conditioner, I was able to detangle with a comb though. This can be used as a rinse out conditioner or a deep conditioner. I used it as a deep conditioner and my hair felt really soft after rinsing it out. It did it’s job, but I probably wouldn’t purchase again.
  4. Form Beauty Multitask Leave-In Lotion: This came in a 1.7 fl oz.  spray bottle, not sure if I  have enough to cover my whole head for a wash day. I had to use a lot of the leave-in order to get some kind of slip. Although it comes in a spray bottle, this leave-in it self is a nice creamy consistency. Not sure if I would purchase a full size only because as expensive as it is, I would probably run through multiple bottles of this very fast.
  5. Form Beauty Twist Styling Creme: This came in a 2 fl oz. bottle. I may have enough for one wash day, but i’m pretty heavy handed with product so maybe not lol. I do feel it was very moisturizing. My twist out came out really nice. There was some frizz, but other than that my hair looked good. I would recommend this product.
  6. Form Beauty Polish Pomade: This came in a 1 fl oz. bottle. If you have used pomade before it’s basically a thick oil. I used this to seal and to take down my hair. I will say that I feel like this played a part in helping prevent some frizz in my hair. There was still frizz because it’s hard to prevent all frizz with my type of hair, but I feel it helped minimize it for sure. I’d definitely recommend this product to some one, if you like pomades.

As i’ve mentioned, these products are very pricey. Which is why I was hesitant to try them out. Since they had the $5 mini’s sale, it seemed like the perfect time to try them out. They have that sale going on again right now! So if you are interested, i’d take the quiz and try out some of the recommended products. I’ll leave a picture below of how my hair came out (2nd Day Hair)!




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  1. Thanks for sharing dear. I’ve been seeing this brand everywhere

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tiffany says:

      Same! That’s mostly what drove me to try it lol


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