December 2017 CurlKit

So i’m back with another CurlKit unboxing. Although there have been some disappointments with the past few CurlKits, this one wasn’t AS disappointing. I’m gonna just jump right into it though!


  1. DAX For Naturals Styling Pomade: Now I wasn’t too upset about receiving this product. Initially I thought they were the same products from the September CurlKit, but they were actually two different products that I could add to my collection. This pomade is very thick, but has the consistency of a cream. This was actually unexpected. I’m used to pomades being more on the oily, greasy side. It smells really good and I am excited to eventually try it and review it for you guys.
  2. DAX For Naturals Combing Cream: I’m not big on using combing creams. I never use them because I feel they basically can do the same thing as a good leave-in. A gimmick if you ask me, but now I have one lol. This one is actually different than some on the previous one’s that i’ve seen. It’s nice and thick, very creamy and it can be used as a styler. I always thought of combing  creams being meant to help detangle, but this one is more of a styler.
  3. (2) Novex Leave-In Conditioner Samples: Not too sure if i’ll use these. I have tried a Novex product before. It was a deep conditioner and it did nothing for my hair, it had absolutely no slip and I was very disappointed. So, honestly, I don’t see myself trying this product.
  4. Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Oil Heavy Cream AND Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee Samples: I have received these samples multiple times in other CurlKits THIS YEAR ALONE. *eye roll* Not really too interested in trying these. Mostly because the sample is too small to cover my full head, so there would be no point. I always end up giving these away.
  5. Eco Curl Styling Cocktail Sample: I have never tried this product. This is an extremely small product sample, but I do believe you can get one use out of it. It’s a creamy consistency because it is a styler. So if you were hoping this was a gel, it’s not. I believe I received this sample before, I just haven’t taken the time to actually use it.
  6. Curls Unleashed Style Pack: This comes with 3 sample packs total. The Hair Milk, Rinse Out Conditioner & Leave-In Conditioner. This is the second time i’ve seen this product this year as well. So, I have nothing much to say about it.

My last CurlKit unboxing will be January’s as I forgot to cancel before the 15th this month. I have canceled my subscription already and i’m not too sure if i’ll resubscribe in a future date, but we shall see. How do you guys feel about this CurlKit? As I mentioned earlier, I don’t think this as a bad box. It was definitely better than the previous.



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