Product Review! (Miche Beauty & Juice Organics)

Hey yall! Back with another product review!

So for my last wash day I decided to try some new products that I had and see how they worked for my hair.


So I received these same Juice Organic products in my CurlKits this year about 5 times. I never been interested in trying them, so i’d usually throw them away or give them away. After receiving them so many times, I was like “ok Tiffany, give these products a chance. You may like them.” The shampoo is very stripping. So if you don’t like using shampoo’s that strip your hair of completely everything, then you may not like this shampoo. Although it stripped my hair of everything, I don’t feel like it cleaned my scalp well. My scalp just didn’t fee cleaned at all. The conditioner wasn’t moisturizing. Usually when I used stripping shampoos, I have no problem getting the moisture back in my hair. This conditioner also gave me NO slip to detangle. Both of these products are suppose to repair, strengthen and nourish and I don’t feel that they did any of that. So on to the next lol.

I decided to purchase Miche products during the Black Friday sales. First off, i’m just going to get this out the way. These products SMELL AMAZING! They literally smell like Jolly Rancher or even Now & Laters lol. The deep conditioner was very moisturizing. It’s very thick, yet creamy. Didn’t give me as much slip as I would have liked, but enough to still not have too much of a hard time detangling. The leave-in was nice as well. I didn’t get much slip from it though. I decided to style my hair with just the leave-in and a shea butter mix and my hair felt really soft afterwards. I did a protective style (flat twists) and then I took them after about a week. Here was my results:


What may or may not work for my hair, may or may not work for your’s. I know a lot of people get upset at beauty bloggers when they say a product didn’t work for their hair. Everyone’s hair is different and the best way to know if something will work for you is to honestly try it for yourself. We’re just here for to dish out the info! Lol

What do you think about these product?



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